Shibir 2020

Jain Alert Group Of India Shibir 2020 Highlights

Biggest Jain Youth Organization of India

Shibir 2020 Highlights

Alert Youth Shibir 2020 was a grand conclave of more than 1800 youth from 310 Alert Groups from across India at Manasmandiram Tirth, Shahpur Tirth near Mumbai, Maharashtra.

"A power packed event had everything to Empower our Youth"

Inspiring Pravachan from Pu. Gurudev Ratnasundar Vijayji Maharajsaheb, Siddhachakra Aaradhana, Guru Tirth Sparshana, Muje Kuchh Kehana hai, launch of Alert Anthem, Youth Networking, Elocution Competition, Singing Competition, Seminar on JAY, Jain Minority benefits, Kusumanjali Fund Yojana, Alert Vyapar Organization and Alert Employment Exchange. So much to grab and get ahead in life...In the real sense it was celebration of Youth and beyond.

This is the consecutive 37th Youthful event of Jain Alert Group of India....Millions of youth have been connected to realize their true potential and become a great human being on this Planet.

Shibir 2020 Gallery

Formation New Alert Group

Alert Trophy : at 37th Alert Youth Shibir

Musical moments of devotion; Prabhu-Bhakti. at 37th Alert Youth Shibir

Strategy Meeting of Alert Group Leaders from more than 300 Centres across India

Love you Gurudev ...Saraswati Labdh prasad Pu. Gurudev inspiring

A valuable experience sharing session - Muje Kutchh Kahena hai..

Alert Idol, Elocution & Singing Competition

Alert Singers who have made this 37 Shibir a grand success

Strengthening Youth for great Nation Building ! Seminars on Alert

Books that inspire Millions; Launching Ceremony. at 37 Alert shib

Honouring Fire Officers and Train Pilots - MAA - Feb'19

36 Yuva Utkarsh Shibir - Alert Couple Shibir Day 1

36 Yuva Utkarsh Shibir - Alert Couple Shibir Day 2

36 Yuva Utkarsh Shibir - Alert Couple Shibir Day 3